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Lover of music and new sounds.
~ My age: I found the fountain of youth. Can't say anymore. (Sorry XD!)
~ My interest: Art and music
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You might not have noticed that symbol sitting on the left side of my page. That's my website. I basically worked until I felt like pulling my hair to put this thing together... and there's still more to do. Nevertheless, it's up and it's functional. What's on it you ask? Something majestic. Check it out if you have some time and willingness to spend a little on something cool.

The site is functional, but I'm still trying to figure out the design part for aesthetic purposes. In my defense, the customization options are limited, so I can't make the site look as good as I know it should for now. Please don't roast me lol.

If you read this far I'll stop playing around and tell you what the site's about. I plan to add much more to it later, but for now I'm selling graphic tees and other clothes. All designs are original to me. If you want to buy, you have two options. There's an onsite purchase and an offsite purchase. The offsite one is Paypal. The onsite one is my service, obviously using that one helps me out a lot more, but you can use whatever. I'm not sure why Venmo got added to my site, just ignore that for now lol.

Let more know if you have any questions either through the contact forms or on Newgrounds. I'll respond either way. Anyhow, enjoy my site.


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Become a Champion of Gedo.

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Become a Champion of Azor.

Champion 100 Points

Complete the game.

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Complete the game on the "Hardcore" mode.

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Practice Makes.. 25 Points

Spend some time in Training

Among the Fire 5 Points

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Demon Killer 25 Points

Defeat the Demons

Domination 50 Points

Conquer the Entire Map

Under Siege 10 Points

Defend your castle against an attacking force